Intel Xeon Processor X5660 x5660 12 M Cache/2.8 GHz/6.40 GT/s Intel QPI LGA1366 Desktop CPU

laptop 5 core, 1155 lga processor


1.6 ghz. Socket 771. Phenom ii x4 910. 2.5 ghz processor. 2av 1dvi  2vga  1hdmi. 1240 xeon. Apu a4 6300. Wholesale mobil ephones. Luchtcompressor ultrastille. Xeon x5550. X2 3250e. I3-4005u. P 700. 939 socket. I3-3110m. E5-2628lv2. Bga479/pga478. 

Amd Athlon P340

Phenom 1065 t. X4 840t4.1ghz. E5-2690. I7 2820qm. X2 b53   hdxb53wfk2dgmAm4 compatibel. Core 2 t7100. G1820t. Wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Xeon lga1151. Celeron e3200. X6 1065t. Core 2 e6700. Core 5 laptop. 

Amd 3700

1.7ghz. Xeon w3580. E5-4640. Quad core. A6 6400k. Brightinwd. Amd a4-series a4-7350b. 940 socket. Amd a6-series a6-3600. E5-4650v2. 

2690 E5 C2 Xeon

X6 1045t hdt45twfk6dgr. I5 3210m. I5 3550. Fm2+ x2 450. I3-3240. Bga i7. Core 2 quad q9650 lga 775 processor. Fx4100. E5-2658. Lga775 moederbord. Wholesale m socket. E5450 for lga775. Apu a8-3820. Core cache. X2 6000 x2 6000+ adv6000iaa5do. 

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

[originally posted 1.30.17]

The other day

Yoshizawa Ryo

that is

my iorsen, Meteor, joined me for lunch.

We met about 6 years ago,
he was my favorite classmate.

The truth is…
he’s really good at singing.

And with a face like a sculpture that belongs in the Mori Art Museum…

My fate was decided by Meteor…

Next I will protect the universe…


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