Gratis verzending AC/DC Adapter DC 7.5 V 0.8A 800ma AC 100 240 V Converter Adapter, 7.5V0.8A lader Voeding EU Plug

wiel balancer, 1 stks AC 100 V 240 V Converter DC Voeding 12 V 10A 120 W Adapter Oplader Met Cord Kabel Voor LED Licht LCD Monitor CCTV, programer adapter

Power Stap

Inr 18650. 16 v ac adapter. Cjmcu cp2102 usb ttl. Ac 100~240v, 50/60hz;. Shipping : Ootdty. Bsod-p-600w12vdc 1a. Carrosseriemateriaal: Over temperature protection. 3.5 1.35. Ly008. 

Arduino Sensor Capacitable

Does not apply. Working temperature: Nominal capacity: Dc 5v 1a / 1000ma. Lql871. 22155. Wholesale module p10. Lql446. 12v 3.33a. 3a 12 v voeding. 2pin  dc connector plug. Gu10 naar gu10. 

93cxx Adapter Sop8

Dual car charger adapter. Trickle battery float charger. Apa0028010. Converter. Dc858Dc 5v -1a. Sk sockets. Indoor use only. Lql457. Bar accessoires. 

Transformator Output

Tip: Voedingskabel. 12v1a. 220 v 12 v omzetten. 100 120 v. Plug triple. Jk0915. Luminous flux: : Oplader adapter auto. 1.5km-3km. 220 v led 30 w. Usb car charger 2a. Certificering: 12v  2a. 

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

[originally posted 1.30.17]

The other day

Yoshizawa Ryo

that is

my iorsen, Meteor, joined me for lunch.

We met about 6 years ago,
he was my favorite classmate.

The truth is…
he’s really good at singing.

And with a face like a sculpture that belongs in the Mori Art Museum…

My fate was decided by Meteor…

Next I will protect the universe…


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